We provide comprehensive pharmacovigilance services to help pharma companies streamline their drug intro processes, increase research accuracy, strengthen work efficiency and improve product quality.

What is Pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance Process We Follow

01. Need Analysis – We meet you and/ or your team to understand your product development requirements and drug analysis needs

02. Process Mapping & Development – Our pharmacovigilance experts then meticulously plan and organize a process that defines your needs and provide you with all the required information to smoothen out your drug discovery process

03. Setting up Operational Guidelines – We provide you with SOPs and other operational guidelines to help your staff have clear and consistent guidelines to follow so that all your operations stay completely compliant

04. Adverse Case Handling & Regulatory Intelligence – We also offer serious adverse effect (SAE) case handling and regulatory intelligence services so that you can review and manage the evolving safety profile of your product throughout the drug development process. Our regulatory intelligence allows us to ensure that your product meets all the rules and regulations set by the regulatory committees

Pharmacovigilance Services We Offer

Pharmacovigilance Consulting

We provide comprehensive pharmacovigilance consulting services to help you tackle all strategic challenges on your route to successful drug discovery

Clinical Trial Vigilance

We help you effectively manage and maintain the safety and accuracy of drug discovery clinical trials, right from Phase 1 to Phase 4

Drug/Patient Safety Services

Pharmacovigilance experts at O2I provide comprehensive drug safety services to minimize the adverse effects of drug trials in clinical trial participants

Regulatory Compliance Services

Our end-to-end compliance regulatory technologies and advisory services help you create an intelligent, integrated approach for compliance management

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