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About Our Pharma Market Research Services

Making the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) process easy

A MAH – Marketing Authorization Holder – is responsible for the quality, safety, and availability of a product. This isn’t an easy or light responsibility, especially for the first time and considering the particularities and legislation of specific countries.

Jeyflex  supports MAHs by helping them understand local requirements and register on products on  local portals and we can also act as a MAH’s representative (LTR).

Jeyflex can  act as the applicant for submission or as the Marketing Authorization Holder until the procedure approval is granted.

Advantages of having a Jeyflex LTR

Simplify registration

You simplify registration processes especially during the registration period

No need to recruit

You don’t have to hire technical staff before your product is registered


Jeyflex will act as your pharmacovigilance pharmacist

Multiple distributors

You separate Local Agency with distributorship, which means you can have as many distributors as you wish


We can hold a license while you are arranging supply routes

Save money & time

You save money and time

Why work with us?

Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.

Tony Hsieh

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